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Hi Karen. 

The mailman brought your gorgeous book yesterday.  I've been showing it off to everyone.  WELL DONE!!!  What an awesome presentation of a very simple idea.  Noone believed that the quilts were based around just two simple blocks.  I love watching that "light bulb" moment when they realize the possibilities and that it is something that is very do-able, even for a beginning quilter.

Putting the color strips in the instructions for the completed patterns is a nice touch.  It makes things very clear. And of course the Celtic theme is beautifully carried out throughout the book. Just loved the photos of Irish castles.  I have a great fondness for the Celtic heritage having been raised in the UK.  I've been playing Celtic music at home all day!!!!!!!  I'm so honored to be included in your book. 

Thank you so much.  Sally Catlin.

 Hi Karen,

    Just wanted to share a bit of good news.  I entered my Celtic quilt in the big Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia and got a nice, neat blue ribbon.  Now I can say I have a blue ribbon winner.  Several people stopped me when the found out that I had made it and wanted to know where in the world did I get the pattern.  It was so unusual for Celtic work.  Of course I told them about you and the book.

I  have a rather difficult looking quilt on my den wall, it is the pattern, Celtic Vision.  But the simplicity is revealed in Karen's new book, Celtic Pieced Illusions.  I used the two pieced blocks, arranged in a way pleasing to me, into one of my most talked about quilts.  Everyone comments on how hard it must have been to make and I just smile.

Ellen White

Hi Karen,
Your method is ingenious and your quilts a delight!

Linda B-L

Dear Karen,
The quilts and patterns are truly inspiring. Beautiful photos!


Hi Karen,

I received my book in the mail last week and I was just amazed and the beautiful photos! Not just of the quilts, which are gorgeous, but of Ireland as well! Your method of piecing makes it very easy to put together one of these wonderful quilts that have an "old country" feel. This will be one that I use again and again!

Lisa Newcomer


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