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Besides the books I’ve written; Lone Star Illusions, Celtic Pieced Illusions, 3 Quilter's Celebrate the 4 Seasons, Floral Illusions, Combing Through Your Scraps, Optical Illusions for Quilters, 3-D Fun with Pandora's Box, I’ve also written many magazine articles, had my fabric lines and patterns featured in many quilting catalogs and I’ve been profiled in several books.


I hope you will enjoy reading these articles. 

You can also visit me at my  "Karen Combs' Studio" on FaceBook or

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Using Gradated Fabrics,  Quilter's Newsletter Magazine   (December2015/January 2016)

Quilt Barns and Bridges fabric line and pattern featured in Keepsake Catalog

Serendipity fabric line and Cascading Stars pattern featured in Annie's Catalog

Quilt Trail fabric line and Quilt Trails Shadow Boxes featured in Annie's Catalog

Featured in the "Do You EQ?" ads

American Patchwork and Quilting (October 2015)

McCall's Quilting (September/October 2015)

Modern Quilting (Summer issue)

Quiltmaker ( September/October 2015)



Quilt Trails fabric and Quilt Barns pattern featured in Keepsake Catalog

Serendipity fabric line and Diamonds in the Sky pattern featured in Annie's Catalog

Quilt Trails fabric line and Quilt Trails Shadow Boxes pattern featured in Annie's Catalog

"Meet Karen Combs" (feature in AQS booklet, AQS Quilt Week, Chattanooga, September 2014)

Napa Balis Runner , The Quilter  (June/July, 2014)



Cups and Saucers, The Quilter  (June/July 2013)

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks from Today's Top Designers, Vol. 7

Jewel Box, American Quilter, March 2013



Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks from Today's Top Designers, Vol. 6

Serendipity, The Quilter (December 2012/January 2013)

This and That, The Quilter (October/November 2012)

Summit Points, Quiltmaker  (September/October 2012)

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks from Today's Top Designers Vol. 5

Summer Star, McCall's Quilting  (July/ August 2012)



Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks from Today's Top Designer's, Vol. 3



Cubism, McCall's Quilting  (March/April 2010)

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks from Today's Top Designer's, Vol. 1



Spotlight on Designers, QUILT magazine (February/March 2009)

Teacher Spotlight, The Quilting Quarterly (Winter 2008)



Quilting with Rose Radio (radio interview 10-15-2008))

First Light Log Cabin, Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home (July/August 2008)

Creating Celtic Illusions, American Quilter (July 2008)

Interview with Karen Combs by The Electric Quilt Company, January 2008



Karen's Keys to Transparency Quiltmaker,  (May/June 2007)

Irish LaceQuiltmaker,  (May/June 2007)



Quilter's ProfileBig Block Quilts,  (Issue #71)

The Essence of Matisse, Fabric Trends (Fall 2006)



Teacher Profile,  Professional Quilter Journal,  (Spring 2005)

Artemis & It's all in the Details, Designer's Quarters  ( Winter 2005)



Summer Maze, McCall's Quick Quilts  ( September 2004)

A Master Illusionist, Quilt Magazine  ( Summer 2004)

Florentine Log Cabin, Quilts with Style, (Issue 44, February 2004)



Using Gradated Fabrics, Fabric Trends, (Issue #2)

Shaded Hearts, Fabric Trends, (Issue #2)

Secrets of the Selvage, American Quilter, (Summer 2003)

Cubes of Illusion (Quilter's Workshop), Quilter's Newsletter Magazine (January/February 2003)



Cascades, For the Love of Quilting, (March/April 2002)



Combing Through Your Scraps, Quilt World, (November 2001)

Cake Stand Wall Quilt,  Quick and Easy Quilting  (October 2001)

Fabric Values,  Fabric Showcase Special  (Supplement to Quilting Today and Traditional Quiltworks, Fall 2001)

Combing Through Your Scraps,  American Quilter,  (Spring 2001)

Marketing via Television, Professional Quilter  (Summer 2001)

Handicrafts, Patchwork Quilts (2001, Vol. 6)  Japanese magazine



New Slant on the Attic Windows, Innovative Piecing book, Rodale Press (2000)

Patchwork Illusions,  Favorite Techniques from the Experts book,   Rodale Press (2000)   

Professional Quilters share their remarkable little quilts, Miniature Quilts, (Issue #50)

Ask the Experts, Traditional Quiltworks, (Issue  #69)

Teacher Profile,  Professional Quilter Journal,  (Spring 2000)

Profiled in Make if Profitable!,  by Barbara Brabec.  (2000) 

Around the Twist,  Our Best Seasonal Quilts book from Fons and Porter's For the Love of Quilting magazine,  (2000)



 Clay's Choice,  Easy Four-Patch Quilting,  (1999)



 Christmas Cube,  McCall's Quilting,  (December 1998)

Traditional Quilts of Illusion,  Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine,(December 1998)

Patterns of Illusion,  Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine,  (November 1998)

Gallery Tour, Traditional Quilter,  (October 1998)

Visual Puzzles,  American Quilter,  (Fall 1998)

Profiled in Creative Cash by Barbara Brabec (1998)

The Illusion of Curves,  Sew Many Quilts,  (May/June 1998)

Special Effects with Fabrics,  Sew Many Quilts,  (March/April 1998)

Optical Ocean,  McCall's Quilting,  (April 1998)



Profiled in Making Your Quilting Pay for Itself, by Sylvia Landman (1997)

Twist on Tradition,  Private Workshop & Feature Teacher, Traditional Quiltworks,  (Issue 49, 1997)

3-D Fun with Pandora's Box, Decorating with Quilts, Series 700, Quilting by the Heartland (1997)



You bought that where?,  Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, (January/February 1996)

Transparency,  Quilter's Newsletter Magazine,  (September 1996)

Christmas Star,  Lady Patchwork Quilts Holiday Issue,  (Fall 1996) (Cover)



Teacher Profile,  Professional Quilter Journal,  (Spring 1995)



Tumbling Ninepatch,  Miniworks,  (Summer/Fall1993)

Sampler Quilt,  Quilting International,  (May 1993)



I Give Up, Traditional Quilter,  (October 1990)

How it starts,  Traditional Quilter, (April 1990)

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