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Lone Star Illusions front cover 

The Lone Star quilt is something quilters aspire to make.  However, many quilters don’t want to tackle diamonds. Karen has created a way to make Lone Star designs with just the simple shapes of squares and triangles.  Famous for her use of color and illusion, let Karen show you how easy it is to create Lone Star designs!

Booklet contains 3 beautiful quilt designs in two different sizes!


21 pages


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Optical Illusions for Quilters by Karen Combs  

 eBook Optical Illusions for Quilters

 The world of optical illusions has fascinated artists for centuries, and quiltmaker Karen Combs has been intrigued by them for years. In Optical Illusions for Quilters, she unravels the mysteries of optical illusions as applied to quilting, some of them for the first time. Masterpiece quilts are used to explain each illusion and quilters are shown how to apply these principles to their work. Though Karen's focus is on quilting, these principles can be applied to other creative mediums. In an easy to understand manner, she encourages readers to use their imaginations, listen to their inner voices, and apply their new knowledge as they become masters of illusions.


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Combing Through Your Scraps ebook 



eBook Combing Throught Your Scraps

What do you do with all those scraps? In this book, the author continues her quilting magic and offers an answer - fabulous scrap quilts. Focusing on color value rather than color or texture, the author offers practical magic for using those leftover, and sometimes less lovely fabrics found in almost everyone's stash.Using only light and dark basic Nine-Patch and Split Nine-Patch blocks, you can create eye-catching designs to enhance any setting. Included are dozens of design possibilities and 18 projects.


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 Celtic Pieced Illusions by Karen Combs


eBook Celtic Pieced Illusions


Piecework enthusiasts rejoice! Now great Celtic designs can be created with only two simple blocks. Quilters traditionally use appliqué to create Celtic designs. Instead, Karen has translated knot work into pieced patterns. She found she can create many Celtic designs with two, three, or more blocks, so the possibilities are unlimited. Famous for her use of color and color illusion, the author shows how to use color, texture, and value to add excitement to Celtic quilts. She shares her simple design concepts for those who want to design their own Celtic quilts, while providing piecing tips, pressing options, and quilting ideas. Even beginning quiltmakers can tackle these colorful quilt patterns. Teaching tips and lesson plans are included for quilt teachers and shop owners. Electronic Book (e-Book)


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