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Student’s Comments


I loved my class. Learned a little more about optical illusions and as always I love working with Karen. She is a great teacher and is very professional. I would definitely take another class with Karen.     

Student from Quilt University


I enjoyed every one of the four classes that I took with you.  There was a "light bulb moment" for me in each one of the classes Thanks again for "opening my eyes" to a new dimension in my quilting.

Sheri via email


Karen, just wanted you to know that several of us were discussing last night's meeting and how we all felt you are one of the best speakers we have had.  Specifically, interesting to listen to, taught without being pedantic, fun, very well prepared, knew when to stop, personable, and GREAT ideas with the illusions. 

Faith from Friendship Quilters


I attended your class yesterday at the Freeport (NY) Rec. I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience.  I have taken quite a few classes, but this was the first time, after a class, my excitement kept me up all nite (till 6am) sewing. 

Eileen via email


Karen, I just wanted to thank you for coming to Tulsa and teaching the workshop I attended last Saturday.  I learned so much and have been busy sewing 3-D blocks out of all the fabric combinations which I brought to class.  My 9-year old son has laid claim to the quilt once it is finished to hang on his bedroom wall.  He is totally fascinated with the effect.  You are a wonderful teacher and I thank you for sharing all your tips and techniques.  I now understand value much better than ever before; and the crowning achievement of the day was learning how to do a perfect Y seam!  Thank you. 

Terri via email


Karen always does a great job!  Her handouts are great.  Have her back next year! 

Class evaluation from Quilt Festival


Got great new tips and ideas.  Karen was a wonderful teacher.

Class evaluation from Quilt Festival


Question from Class Evaluation from Quilt Festival

List any teachers or subjects you would like offered:  Anything taught by Karen Combs!



Appreciated your tips on how to correct non-matching seams. Excellent demonstrations to small groups and adequate time to take photos.

Class evaluation from Quilt Festival


 Great instructor, easy to follow, taught one step at a time in small groups. Loved it!

Class evaluation from Quilt Festival


Karen is a fantastic teacher!

Class evaluation from Quilt Festival


Thank you, Karen!  Great tips, very helful and love the illusions.  Especially loved the tips about sewing diamonds together.

Class evaluation from Quilt Festival

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