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Cool Stuff to help you create Quilts of Illusion





Value Viewer


 The newly designed Value Viewer!  Become an expert at fabric selection - instantly!

This is the value tool I use whenever I select fabrics for a quilt.  Place the tool up to your eye and look through it.  This "removes" much of the color of the fabrics and you can see the value of the fabric.  This tool helps you determine whether your fabrics are light, medium or dark.

Why red and green?  Red does not work on red fabrics and green does not work on green fabrics, thus, you need both colors.  Overlap the tools and look through both of them to view your fabrics.  This allows you to look at any color or any textured fabric and determine it's value.   

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60 degree diamond rotary templates



These rotary templates are used in Karen's Online classes, many of her patterns and in the Patchwork Illusions/ More Patchwork Illusions techniques.

(templates only, no instructions)





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