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Karen is known for her interesting, unique and intriguing quilts.  Since 2000, she has been designing fabric collections for quilters. Many of her designs have become classics.  


SERENENDIPITY is a collection by Karen Combs, inspired by her love for color gradations, beautiful textures and lovely colors.  This collection features 32 colorways, that gradate from light to dark and back to light.

Each value is 14", allowing for multiple cuts. Some of the colors include rich sapphire blue, pumpkin, meadow, sage, olive, lapis, onyx, amber and petal. 

Serendipity fabric - Lapis     
 1380/2  Lapis                                        
Serendipity fabric - Amber
1380/10  Amber
Serendipity fabric - Aqua     
 1380/16  Aqua    
  Serendipity fabric - Capri 
   1380/18  Capri  
Serendipity fabric - Glow 
1380/7  Glow                                                    
Serendipity fabric - Meadow
1380/14 Meadow  
Serendipity fabric - Olive
1380/12 Olive
Serendipity fabric - Paprika   
1380/6  Paprika                                                      
Serendipity fabric - Petal
1380/3 Petal
Serendipity fabric - Pool   
 1380/17 Pool    
Serendipity fabric - Pumpkin
1380/9 Pumpkin
Serendipity fabric - Sage
  1380/15  Sage
Serendipity fabric - Sand
1380/11 Sand
Serendipity fabric - Sun 
1380/8 Sun



Available now at Karen's web store!


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