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To order:  Print out this order form and mail to:

Karen Combs' Studio
3021 Viewpointe Way
Columbia, Tennessee 38401



Checks or Money Orders in U. S. Funds only
Make out to:  Karen Combs' Studio

(Please fill out the shipping information on last page.)

Product Qty. Price Total
Amazing Attic Windows  (includes templates)   $16.00  
Amazing Attic Windows  (NO Templates)   $9.00  
Autumn Star   $9.00  
Batik Cascade Ribbons   $14.00  
Batik -Go- Round   $9.00  
Batik Waves   $9.00  
Broken Star   $9.00  
Candy Drops   $9.00  
Cascading Stars   $9.00  
Celtic Illusions   $9.00  
Celtic Rings   $9.00  
Chip out of Every Block  


Christmas Cube  (includes templates)   $18.00  
Christmas Cube  (NO templates)   $10.00  
Cube 2 (includes template)   $14.00  
Cube2 (NO templates)   $10.00  
Diamonds in the Sky   $9.00  
Fabricks   $9.00  
Ice Crystals (includes templates)   $18.00  
Ice Crystals (NO templates)   $10.00  
Inner Glow   $9.00  
Magic Cubes   $9.00  
Misty Morning   $9.00  
Mod Attic Windows   $9.00  
Music Boxes   $9.00  
Optica   $9.00  
Overlapping Stars   $9.00  
Patchwork Illusions Technique (includes templates)   $18.00  
Patchwork Illusions Technique (NO templates)   $12.00  
More Patchwork Illusions Technique (includes templates)   $18.00  
More Patchwork Illusions Technique (NO templates)   $12.00  
Pick Up Sticks   $9/00  
Rainbow Start   $9.00  
Quilt Barns Quilt   $9.00  
Quilt Barns Walk-About   $9.00  
Quilt Barn Runner Duo   $9.00  
Quilt Barns and Bridges   $9.00  
Quilt Barns & Bridges - Attic Windows Banner       $9.00  
Quilt Barns - Attic Windows   $9.00  
Quilt Landscapes   $9.00  
Quilt Landscape Attic Windows Runner   $9.00  
Quilt Trails Runner   $9.00  
Quilt Trails Shadow Boxes Runner/Door Banner   $9.00  
Shaded Log Cabin   $9.00  
Shadow Cubes   $9.00  
Shadow Star   $9.00  
Springtime Tulips   $9.00  
Stacked and Wrapped  (includes templates)   $14.00  
Stacked and Wrapped  (NO templates)   $9.00  
Stars Galore  (includes templates)   $18.00  
Stars Galore  (NO templates)   $12.00  
Sweet Hearts   $9.00  
Transparent Stars   $9.00  
3-D Ribbons  (includes templates)   $14.00  
3-D Ribbons  (NO templates)   $10.00  
More Patchwork Illusions Technique and fabric kit   $38.00  
Patchwork Illusions Technique and fabric kit   $38.00  
Celtic Pieced Illusions   $25.00  
3-D Fun with Pandora's Box  (NO templates)   $15.00  
3-D Fun with Pandora's Box (includes rotary templates)   $25.00  
Diamond Rotary Templates   $12.00  
IsometricGraph Paper   $10.00  
Reducing Lens   $12.50  
Easy Angle Ruler     $8.00  
60° Diamond Cutter Ruler   $14.00  
Value Viewer   $9.00  
SerendipityFabric (1 yard cuts)       
Amber   $11.50  
Aqua   $11.50  
Cardinal Red   $11.50  
Capri   $11.50  
Cherry   $11.50  
Coral   $11.50  
Daffodil   $11.50  
Evergeen   $11.50  
Glow   $11.50  
Lapis   $11.50  
Lime   $11.50  
Meadow   $11.50  
Olive   $11.50  
Paprika   $11.50  
Petal   $11.50  
Pool   $11.50  
Sage   $11.50  
Sand   $11.50  
Silver    !11.50  
Spice   $11.50  



9.25% tax for TN residents only


Shipping and handling:


Grand Total:


Shipping and handling:                                                     

Up to $75…………..$6.80 (Priority Mail)
$75.01 to $125……..$13.50 (Priority Mail)
over $125 ………….$18.75 (Priority Mail)
Shipping to US only. 
(We will adjust shipping and will send First Class if possible, to reduce shipping costs.)

VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card Accepted

Fill out the shipping information whether you are using a credit card or sending a check or money order.

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Thank you for your order!

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