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Workshops - Transparency (in-person 3 hour workshop)

Transparency   (in-person 3 hour workshop)



Fabric and paper scissors

Glue stick

Colored pencils or crayons  (not markers, we will be shading and markers don't work well for that.)

Color wheel (optional, but extremely helpful!)


Optional supplies (available in class, if you don’t have them on hand)

Red and Green value tool



Bring many, many small pieces of non-busy fabric: bring light, medium and dark values of all colors, including white, tan, black, gray.   (Grunge or Stonehenge are both examples of non-busy fabrics.) We will be cutting and pasting the fabric, so bring many different colors and values of fabric. Sharing will be encouraged.


If you are bringing scraps, make sure they are at least 5” x 5”.



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